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 Diagram of dental implant in lower jaw at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Madison, WI Dental implants are successful due to the natural bone healing that occurs called osseointegration. As your bone heals, it grows and has the ability to incorporate dental implants into its matter, making the two materials into one. This natural healing was first observed by scientists, and then further researched by doctors until the ideal materials and physical traits of implants were discovered. At Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we have been able to take this research and proven data to create a treatment plan that not only restores missing teeth, but allows us to rebuild missing teeth.

Our bone plays such an important role in our oral health. The jawbone supports our teeth and we need it to be healthy. When a patient suffers from chronic periodontitis, it causes damage and even the loss of bone mass. When teeth are lost, the bone will shrink through absorption because it recognizes that the bone is no longer needed in that spot so it pulls the resources and allocates the resources elsewhere. The results may not be so immediately apparent, but with time, the patient will begin to notice changes to their facial shape. Bone loss is often associated with an older appearance.

Restoring Bone Loss

Bone loss can be rebuilt and restored with the use of dental implants. This is done through both a bone graft to spark the growth of new bone, and then placing implants where teeth are missing to stimulate the bone’s growth and continued maintenance. Dental implants offer many long-term and immediate benefits and solutions for tooth loss.

The dental implant is designed with a threaded end and a head. It looks similar in concept to a screw in both shape and size. The threaded end is embedded into the bone. As the bone heals, it will grow around the threads bonding the two firmly together. Following a period of healing, we will assess the strength of the bond. When the bond feels firm, we can then use the embedded post to attach a dental prosthetic, including a dental crown, bridge or denture. Depending on the prosthetic being used, and your individual needs, you may require multiple implants to be placed.

How does the osseointegration process help our bone?

Osseointegration is the process of bone growing around and integrating a material, such as the dental implant, into its system making them one unit. We higheten the positive effects by placing a product that is biocompatible with your body, meaning your body should not reject it, rather incorporate it. The dental implant, once healed, will serve as a post, or rather a new tooth root, to your bone allowing us to literally rebuild a missing tooth from the base. With a new root established, we can then use it as a stable post in your mouth to restore missing teeth. The osseointegration process helps our bone by rebuilding the structure and then allowing the patient to maintain improved bone health by recreating the stimulation the bone needs to stay healthy. Bone that is not getting the constant stimulation of being used and manipulated will atrophy.

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Osseointegration is a process that naturally heals bones which helps make dental implants successful. Visit Madison Oral Surgery & Dental for dental implants.
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