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What is Full-Arch Restoration?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
What is Full-Arch Restoration?A full-Arch restoration is a surgical, dental procedure that aims at replacing a lost tooth. It is suitable for individuals who have severe tooth loss conditions that have happened throughout a long phase in their lives. Most surgeons use dental implants and prosthetics to recreate the normal functioning and appearance of the mouth.

Moreover, surgeons perform this procedure to restore eating and chewing abilities in an individual and their aesthetics. The complete arch restoration consists of three main things: dental implants, prosthetic teeth, and screws used to attach the teeth to the dental implant resulting in a robust, stable, durable set of teeth.

Benefits of Full arch Restoration

Stability and Safety of Dental Implants

Complete arch restoration gives the dental implants stability and a firm foundation on the teeth, restoring the dental arch. For patients who feel insecure about eating and speaking due to dentures, this Restoration gives them the confidence to do this.

Bone Stimulation and Balance

Full-Arch Restoration provides a perfect balance and stimulation to the bones through the placements of dental implants hence preventing tooth resorption and movement caused by tooth loss. Also, they avoid bone jaw losses caused by teeth loss.

Improved Appearance

With a complete full arch restoration, the surgeon improves the individual's appearance, allowing them to smile, laugh, and speak freely without feeling insecure about their facial appearances. In addition, it helps to maintain the overall structure of the face and jaw.

Allow Preservation of Healthy Tissues

Through the use of dental implants, the whole arch restoration contributes to the preservation of healthy tissues within the individual's mouth. Also, the tissues remain secure since the implants have a long service period without needing repair and replacement. In conclusion, complete arch restoration benefits an individual as it improves appearance while giving back joy and security to the patient.

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