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Surgical Options for Chronic Jaw Pain

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Surgical Options for Chronic Jaw PainChronic jaw pain is a common temporomandibular disorder caused by many factors. The dental specialist suggests that most joint pain results from genetic cases, psychological stress, or how an individual perceives pain, and these factors determine how long the pain will last.

However, the occurrence of injuries to the jaw is also another contributing factor to chronic jaw pain. Moreover, in such situations, dentists recommend different treatments to reduce pain and prevent pain, but extreme cases require surgical treatments to diagnose better. Some of these surgical options include;


It's an invasive surgical procedure involving the surgeon inserting a small needle into the joint to release fluids from the collective that help eliminate debris and other inflammatory substances.

Temporomandibular Arthroscopy

In other cases, arthroscopic surgery is effective in treating chronic jaw pain. The surgeon places a small tube into the joint space, followed by an arthroscope. Also, it's associated with fewer risks than open joint surgery.

Modified Condylotomy

Usually deals with the Temporomandibular since the surgery is performed on the jaw but not on the joint itself. It is necessary for the treatment of chronic pain in the jaw.

Open Joint Surgery

Dental practitioners recommend this surgical option when other options do not resolve the jaw pain or when the pain is diagnosed to be associated with the structural element in the jaw—mostly done to repair or replace the joint. However, this surgical option has many risks that can cause more damage to the joints; therefore, surgical practitioners should consider carefully before and while performing the surgery.

Generally, the surgical options are meant to help the patient deal with chronic jaw pain. Still, before choosing surgery, the individual must weigh any surgery's risks, limitations, and benefits and consider all the options.

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