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Management of facial trauma

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Management of facial traumaOral and maxillofacial trauma is one of the most common causes of OMS treatment in the ER. Facial trauma ranges from simple to complex lacerations and malocclusions, and management varies on the patient's condition. Sports, vehicle accidents, violence, falls and bites, and gunshots are all causes of facial trauma. Complex injuries are faced with higher mortality and morbidity, and patients that suffer facial injuries are more susceptible to significant brain and spine injuries. Symptoms of facial injury include bleeding, swelling, numbness, airway obstruction, loss of vision, missing or cracked teeth, and difficulty speaking or hearing. Injuries to the cheeks or jawbone could dislodge the joint disc, and the jaw could move irregularly or lock.

Treatment of facial trauma

Facial injury patients usually have a specialized treatment plan depending on the severity and type of the trauma. After an injury, the surgeon has to establish an initial management strategy to ensure the airway, breathing, and circulation systems are well established. Clearing a threatened airway to ensure the patient is breathing and bleeding is stopped before further treatment helps improve the chances of the patient's survival. Treatment commences with an intensive and systematic assessment of the facial structure. The examination could include X-rays, CT scans, and other technological devices to carefully examine the extent of the impact and enable develop a treatment plan.

Treatment includes the removal of fractured bone and inflamed tissue debris and repairing broken bones. Bone grafting may be needed to strengthen severely damaged oral bone structure. Lacerations are stitched up and covered to avert infection. Blood vessels may also need to be sutured to ensure clotting. Facial trauma emergencies may require the collaboration of OMS surgeons with other surgeons like ENT surgeons, neurosurgeons, or orthodontists to combine intel and offer a more comprehensive treatment. After facial trauma injury, a patient may need cosmetic damage if healing leaves scarring and disharmonies however, OMS surgeons are proficient in leaving minimal scarring to the operated site.

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