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What happens during an oral maxillofacial appointments?

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
What happens during an oral maxillofacial appointments?An oral appointment most likely would be sent by a referral by the dentist, with specific information about the current health care and pastoral issues. However, the oral surgeon will need to know, in thorough detail, the patient's medical history, including details on medications and allergies, current and past health conditions, previous surgeries, any reaction to anesthesia, a detailed rendition of any discomfort or pain the patient is feeling current and how long it has been and any prescription or OTC drugs the patient might be on. This helps formulate the diagnosis and treatment plan, minimizing surgery threats and avoiding complications mid-treatment.

What happens during the appointment

During the appointment, the surgeon performs visual examination and inspection of the dental cavity, like teeth, jaws, gums, and mouth, to clearly understand the patient's dental health situation. The patient might also need imaging and screening, CT scans and X-rays to provide three-dimensional images that are clear and quite helpful in the diagnosis and maxillofacial surgeries. Dental impressions might also be required. This involves the patient biting down on a special dental tray for a short while.

The surgeon then discusses this information with the patient in detail on how to prepare for the surgery, what is expected of the patient on the day of the surgery, and the home recovery process. The surgeon also goes through the sedation method to be used. Once the surgeon has all the info to diagnose, they decide what measures to take for treatment. 

General anesthesia is preferred for maxillofacial surgeries and complex oral procedures, and sometimes, the patient can choose what sedation method they would prefer. The treatment could also vary as in outpatient and in-patient depending on the scope of the diagnosis. The patient needs to ask questions for clarification.

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