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Your Teeth May Suffer If All You Eat Is Soft Food

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Your Teeth May Suffer If All You Eat Is Soft FoodIt is evident that eating starchy and sugary foods can cause damage to your teeth. This is because they interact with bacteria to cause the development of plaque. As a result, it will damage your enamel, a condition that could lead to cavities and dental caries. But does this mean that you only consume soft and non-sugary foods? If all you eat are soft foods, you could also damage your teeth. Experts recommend that you balance out the foods you eat for healthy and strong teeth.

Impacts of Soft Foods

To find out the impact of sticking to soft foods on your teeth, researchers compared a skull from thousands of years ago to the skull of a modern-day person. They noticed that the teeth structure of the thousand-old skull was strong and compact compared to that of recent years. According to their analogy, the foods in the past were hard and exposed teeth to tough conditions, but in a healthy way. They made them stronger and firm enough to tear down any food. Consuming soft foods requires less chewing, something that does not stimulate good dental conditions. This makes the teeth weaker due to a lack of exposure to hard foods.

In the research, they also noticed that gum disease was extremely rare due to their diet of grains, tough meat, and vegetables that were very stringy. All of these acted as toothbrushes that stimulated the production of saliva. Therefore, if you stick to eating only soft foods, you could cause significant damage to your teeth. We recommend that you mix up your diet to accommodate foods that make your teeth stronger. You should also consume foods rich in calcium and phosphorus nutrients. Contact our offices for more information on why eating soft foods only can affect your teeth.

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