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Sleep Can Help Ease Some TMJ Pain
Posted on 7/7/2020 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Sleep Can Help Ease Some TMJ PainFor sufferers of TMJ there is nothing more urgent or important than finding a way to relieve the constant, chronic pain even for a few moments. This includes everything from cold compresses to heating pads to over the counter or prescription pain medications. But as most of those patients can tell you, nothing really works that well. That's because the nerves involved in TMJ are some of the most deeply rooted and highly sensitive that are present in the body and when they hurt, boy, do they hurt. But one of the best ways to deal with this issue is with a good old-fashioned night of sleep. Of course, those who struggle with this condition will ask how exactly it is that you do that, considering the terrible effect that TMJ has on sleep. Well, here are a few ways to maximize your ability to fall and stay asleep, so the body and brain can go to work trying to relieve some of that pain:

Proper Sleep Positions and Techniques

Without a doubt, the best way to situate yourself for good sleep when you battle TMJ is on your back, with your head positioned as to properly align your jaw. This will allow for a steady blood flow throughout the night, increasing the pain relieving and healing properties while you slumber.

How Sleep Affects Illnesses and Health Conditions

All of the bodies' restorative procedures take place while we are asleep. This includes everything from battling a cold to healing a broken bone. Maximizing the amount of quality sleep that you get will also maximize your bodies' efforts to relieve the various conditions it is suffering from.

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