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Signs You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed ASAP

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Signs You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed ASAPWisdom teeth are some of the most important sets of teeth we have. They are powerful and responsible for breaking down food so that it is easier for digestion.

However, over time there might be some issue that come up and cause you to consider removing these teeth. For most people, their wisdom teeth do not present any problems for most of their lives.

However, problems start showing when these teeth are impacted. When they are healthy, molars are quite easy to ignore. However, they are quite sensitive and something as simple as asymptomatic molars can cause a lot of problems for your gums and even lead to periodontal disease. In such cases, these teeth might need to be removed. Here are some situations where you need to have the wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Infection and Inflammation

When there are partial impactions and limited space, wisdom teeth often lead to the inflammation of the gums. Consequently, this can lead to painful gum disease and many other health hazards. The problem with inflammation in the gums is that it tends to move quite quickly to surrounding issues and it's quite a problem to alleviate it. In such cases, just handling the inflammation won't do the trick because the root problem is still there. Therefore, the tooth responsible has to be removed.


Since wisdom teeth usually come in at the tail end of things, they often find that there is very little space to grow in. Since they are very powerful, they tend to push the teeth that are already there forward thereby resulting in misalignment. This means that your beautiful smile can disappear in a matter of months because of these teeth. In such a case, eliminating them is a sound option.

Tumors and Cysts

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they tend to lead to tiny cysts and tumors along the jawbone. When left unattended, these cysts will evolve and grow to TMJ pain. During examinations, when such an issue is found, it's better to eliminate the tooth so that the rest of the jaw can thrive.

Wisdom teeth are deeply rooted. They therefore need specialist care in their removal. When you think this service, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with us. We'll handle the tests and if it's necessary, also handle the extraction process.

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