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Most Common Side Effects of Oral Piercings That We See

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Most Common Side Effects of Oral Piercings That We SeeToday, many people's sense of style has evolved. Piercings are becoming more common every day. That has been the case because of advanced healthcare making it possible to now pierce places in our bodies that would have been considered absurd before.

This involves piercing of the lip, cheek, tongue or uvula. While the sense of style might be appealing, it also comes with its own host of issues. These problems if now well-handled can lead to a host of problems that can go past the mouth and to other parts of the body. These are the most common side effects of piercings that we see:

Broken Teeth

Since most, if not all of these piercings are made of metal, they can damage teeth to a bigger extent than you would imagine. People who have had previous dental work done are especially at risk. You can very easily damage fixed porcelain prosthetics or even the restorations that you had done before. In case you get into an accident, the force of biting into the piercing can also cause the teeth to chip or cause misaligned teeth.

Bleeding Gums

Like most tissues in the mouth, the gum is made of soft tissue, which is quite easy to tear. Therefore, when you have a piercing in the mouth, it becomes quite easy to rupture the skin on the gums. That can cause bleeding, which can then lead to an infection because of the exposed skin. Since most accidents are unexpected, you can't usually tell how much they will damage the gums.

Damage to the Tongue

In tongue piercings, one of the most common side effects is the allergic reactions that come along with it. Since the mouth is a warm, moist area, filled with lots of bacterium, it makes it that much easier to have an allergic reaction to the piercing. The piercing can bring about complications when eating, speaking and even swallowing. Don't be surprised if you can't control the drool in your mouth as a result.

Although these side effects are not common to all cases of piercings, they are quite frequent. In such cases, you will usually have to come in so that we can take a look at what's going on and treat it. Any questions of concerns can be met adequately at our offices. 

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