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Benefits of Opting for Getting Dental Implants Over Dentures

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Benefits of Opting for Getting Dental Implants Over DenturesWhen people lose a tooth or teeth, they do different things to compensate. Some people don't do anything to fix their teeth and learn not to open their mouth in front of others. This is the wrong way to go. It is better to find a way to replace the lost teeth than to avoid smiling and enjoying life.

That leaves two other options: dentures or implants. They both help solve the problem, but most of the time, implants are the best option.

The Differences Between Implants and Dentures

Dentures and implants can both replace some missing teeth, or they can replace all the teeth. Doth of them can help with appearance and function. The difference is that implants are a permanent replacement. Dentures are something that does not remain in place all the time. You have to take them out every night to rest your gums and to clean the dentures.

The care for dentures and implants is also different. Implants require the same care as natural teeth. They are much easier to care for than dentures are. Dentures also can slip and do not proved the same amount of bite strength as implants. Implants are designed to last as long as natural teeth. Dentures will need replacement after several years of use as the shape of the gums change.

Implants Biggest Obstacles

Getting a full set of dentures can cost a few thousand dollars. A full set of implants can cost tens of thousands of dollars. People use the initial expense of implants as the reason for getting dentures, but it is important to understand the real cost of dentures.

Dentures cost more to care for. They will need replacement several times during the wearer's life. They can cause embarrassment that is priceless to the person wearing them. All these things turn the extra cost of implants from a negative into a benefit.

The technology for making and putting implants is getting constantly better. The benefits of implants over dentures will only continue to grow. That is why more people than ever are turning to implants.

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