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What Is Oral Pathology and How Can You Spot It?

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Image of a man with jaw pain. Oral pathology is a part of dentistry that deals with finding, managing, and curing issues in the mouth and face. It looks at problems in the salivary glands, lips, teeth, tongue, and gums. It uses clinical exams and lab tests and considers overall health.

Oral Pathology Signs

The mouth is important and has many functions. Oral pathologists are experts in diagnosing and treating mouth problems. You can do a self-check because the mouth is easy to access. Your oral pathologist can take samples to figure out the problem. Here are some symptoms to look for during a self-exam:

White or Red Patches or Lumps

Look for red or white patches or lumps in your mouth. A healthy mouth is pink and smooth. Check for any changes in the color or look of your tongue, lips, cheeks, neck, face, gums, and palate.

Inflamed and Bleeding Gums

Oral pathology can also show up as bleeding, painful, swollen, or receding gums. These are signs of gingivitis and other gum problems. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can turn into periodontitis, leading to severe infections and loss of teeth.

Chronic Sores and Lesions

You might have painful sores and wounds that sometimes keep bleeding. Additionally, you could have trouble chewing or swallowing, a sore throat, and a lasting hoarse voice.

Use a light and mirror to look inside your mouth from different angles to check your oral health. You can also use your fingers to feel around. Mouth cancer and difficult-to-treat lesions are serious issues, but benign tumors and some gum conditions are easier to treat.

Spotting these signs early is crucial because getting help sooner can improve your oral health. If you see any of these symptoms, plan to visit our dentist or an oral pathologist for a thorough checkup and diagnosis.

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